Sunday, November 22, 2009

To Concentrate.

We decided today to take a trip out and go to a place that was recommended. It was said that there was trains. So off we went. It was a garden centre and there was lots of Christmas decorations and other things and then through all the stuff there it was a huge train set with lots of trains all running around it. My little guy was delighted and watched them all go around. He was a little young to realise that one of them was Thomas the Tank but I think the thrill was all the same. We did manage to have a little walk around the centre and see some fish but my boy was thrilled to get back to the trains. I think he must have watched them for about 30 or more minutes. He didn't want to leave and screamed as we took him away from his trains. I think I will try and take him again before it goes away.

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