Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dangerous Sports!

Having had my best friend come and visit which was great. My little guy decided to reward this joy with his forth tooth arriving whilst she was baby sitting and I was at the dentist of all places. I returned home to a grumpy baby but I was glad that it had arrived as it had been threatening to for sometime. My little one has been spoiled rotten whilst my friend was here and so I am now left with a baby that wants my undivided attention. It scares me silly that he has now turn 10 months old and with that has decided to take on new dangerous sports. Not just one but two. My nerves truly cannot take it.

The first dangerous sport is standing. He loves for you to stand him up and then he hold on to things and generally feels very proud of himself and occasionally he will wobble without holding onto anything. The dangerous part is: he falls down. Either because he fails to manage to grab hold on something or because the something he grabs onto fails to hold him. He wibbles and he wobbles and he falls down with a huge crash and screams and tears.

The second dangerous sport is that with the standing has come the huge need to walk everywhere!! This also causes a lack of balance as we edge around the activity table. Or the best is pushing the walking toy and forgetting to move our legs and so causing our face to eat some carpet. I know that in time these sports will not remain dangerous but my question is will he have any brain left over or will he have simply knocked it all out by the time he can walk!

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beez said...

Hi Esther,
What a fun blog! I love hearing your English words! I enjoy your humor very much and I am so glad that I get to see you and your little boy in person every Sunday. So I can really see the progress he is making!!
You bring alot of enjoyment to all of us with your refreshing perspective.
thanks so much-Nancy Loftness