Saturday, May 9, 2009

New House = New Home!

As I sit surrounded by unpacked boxes and feelings of being overwhelmed creep over me I remember that in the long run this is all worth it. An example was yesterday when we were having breakfast and a Chipmunk sat outside our sliding door eating on some seeds. Lucas stared out and watched this little creature run around outside. It is then I think these a the little memories that bring a happy childhood. Our unloved house is slowly turning into a loved home. The rooms are slowly, very slowly being to take shape. Things are being fixed and I am sure if this house could speak it would be saying "Finally someone cares!" The house is having new this and that added, along with fix this, clean that. I am sure that in about a months time this house can stand proud next to its nieghbours as it will look like a home that someone loves to live in.

My little guy is enjoying all the space to practice is walking and soon running in. Although we are still struggling to nap during the day. I think it is because the room is so light ad=nd having never been a good napper this is adding to his problems. But the new curtains have arrived and hopefully put up today. My boy is now getting better at night although we are still waking up. I also hope soon to encourage sleeping till 7am. But we are taking it one step at a time. The same way unpacking can only happen one box at a time.

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