Monday, May 11, 2009

Number 6!

If I was into lucky number I would choose 6 at the moment. As finally number 6 tooth has arrived which is a joy to both me and my little guy and also something amazing happened last night and that was my little man slept through to 6.15! I woke to him crying and had to stare at my clock in disbelief! I hope and pray this is now going to be the norm.

However the ret of the day was not so great as my little guy had to go for a follow up scan on his kidney. It was enlarged when he was born. Now this involved no invasive procedures, just a simple task of lying still! This is a task however that even asleep my little one struggles to do, so as mummy had to pin him down while the doctor took the ultrasound the world ended and I went deaf. Recovery was quick and sweet after and a long nap in the car was taken. All we have to do now is wait and see the doctor for the results. Hopefully it willbe a hello, good bye type visit and never see them again.

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