Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Finally Get It!!

As I watch my little guy flap his arms in excitement at the world around him or a funny face from Daddy, as I watch him wobble on his legs as he stands holding on to my hands, I finally get it! I finally understand that when my mummy talks to me she doesn't always see the 20 something women but that little girl that lay in her arms, that gave her a first smile all those years ago. Just like in 20 years time when my son walks through the door with a tattoo or something which makes me want to scream, or a girlfriend that is soon to be a part of the family, I won't see the young man I will see the little boy I held in my arms, got up with a nursed two - three times a night, a boy that flapped his arms when you smiled and bounced on my knee. As we all know that from now on until the end of time he will always be my little boy!

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