Saturday, May 31, 2008

Outings, Reunions and Shots

This week has been fun filled and traumatic all together. First we had our trip out to a local mom's group. It was a great couple of hours of chat and fun as we played with our babies. We sang songs and did tummy time as well as tummy massage. It is true that tummy time many days is tummy horror, but we managed a few minutes before the melt down began. My little one loves watching people. I think we are going towards being an observer and a thinker than an outgoing party man.

We then had our Birthing Class reunion. It was strange to meet all these bumps in person and listen to all our birthing stories of how these little ones arrived. Each one was different and many of us had not had the births we planned. I wanted a natural un-medicated birth. And I am proud to say that I did 22 hours of un-medicated labor but hit a wall at 8 cms dilation. Even after 5 hours of an epidural and potocin totally 27 hours of labor nothing had changed and I ended up with a c-section. I was upset by this out come in some ways, especially because I had gone through an external inversion at 36 weeks but since I managed to produce a 9 lb 3 oz baby boy so it is no wonder that my 5'2 frame decided that he was not coming out. But the great thing is that through it all we all got healthy babies and none of us could ask for more.

Then we ended the week with our 2 month check up. My little one is still tall for his age and he doesn't get that from his mum or his dad, and tracking average for weight. He is taking after his daddy for his body build. Indeed at times I am really beginning to question what I provided to his genetic make up. Also however at this appointment came 3 shots and one oral vaccine. I have never felt such a horrible mother as I let someone stick a needle in my sweet baby's legs. He looked at me to say what have I done to deserve this pain. How can you explain that this is for the best, as tears stream down his little face. Even a loving embrace does little to calm the upset for the first few minutes. For the rest of the day my little one was out of sorts and cross with the world. However as he seems to live in the moment, the smiles return to his face that night and some kind of normal life has been restored. I hope and pray that this memory quickly fades and only the happy times remain in his mind. He has two whole months to forget this event before we unleash this trauma again.

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