Sunday, May 18, 2008

Super Mum

When I was a kid at school for Mother's Day we would learn a song called Super Mum. In this song was a line which was "Super Mum your wonderful but very underpaid". It went on to say about the cooking and the cleaning etc, that all mums do. It is now that I am beginning to question me and being this Super mum. If I need to cook and clean I am already in doubt that I meet these requirements. Granted every evening I attempt to throw together some kind of meal but cooking maybe stretching it. Preheat the oven and throw in a pizza is more likely (in fact I think we will be looking like pizza soon). As for cleaning well that hasn't really happened at all. Also with all the things you are or are not meant to do with you baby I feel I am already so far behind.

In fact I question whether I have not even began to drift, if not already there into bad parent. I have confessions. I do try to have my baby sleep on his back, but if that doesn't work any position goes including tummy and side, also some will argue that him sleeping in the bed with me is a bad thing but it is a simple equation. If he doesn't sleep neither do I and a really grumpy sleep deprived mum going on 2 hours of sleep is of no use to anyone. I don't change his diaper in the middle of every night as it normally wakes him up even more and again I really need sleep. We have a schedule and it is his. When he is hungry he is fed, when he sleeps I sleep, and when he cries I am there. A bath happens when it is needed not every night, and I don't have a bedtime routine. I will read some of the time to him but not everyday. We watch T.V together, but hey he is only 7 weeks old. Tummy time well that happens when I remember. It is a good job this boy is breastfed as sterilizing bottles is not really my thing either. And as for changing clothes and bedding for spit up, do I look like all I want to do is laundry. So there it is everyone my confessions of a bad mummy.

But then I look into the eyes of my little one as he gives me a big toothless smile and think............ he has clothes on his back, a roof over his head and food in his belly. He is showered with cuddles and kisses all day long and to him I am his world. He is happy, loved and cherished and healthy. No one will question my devotion to him because no one else wants to wake up at 1am, 5am to feed him. This job is underpaid but it is the best job there is and I won't swap it for anything. So as I try and strive to be the perfect mum I must remind myself that I am his mum and I am sure he thinks I am super! So I guess I am a Super Mum to him and he is the only person that counts!!

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Laura said...

awwww SO sweet! don't you worry, nobody is that perfect mom! everyone has those things they struggle with and ones that come naturally to them. it all works in so long as it's combined with lots of love.