Sunday, May 25, 2008

An Overwhelming Feeling of ..........

I have overwhelming feelings of joy, fear, responsibility, happiness, excitement, hope and of course love. So many times I stare at this little person and think "Help, I am someone's mother" I have truly grown up!! No longer can I claim to have not reached adulthood. I am married, I have emigrated and I now have a child. And yet in many ways I feel the same as when I was a teenager.

My little one is already over 8 weeks old and I can hardly believe it! Time has truly flown by. Part of me can't believe 8 weeks have past but yet at the same time I can't really remember life before his arrival. Life has truly changed, no longer can I come first, I now come last. And I really wouldn't swap it. It is taking getting some getting use to this having a baby. No longer can I grab my bag and run out of the door to go see some friends or quickly get some groceries. Now it is a major planning expedition!! I have so many things to consider I think I am losing my mind, do I have diapers? When was his last feed? Does he need a nap? Can I get back before he has a melt down? How did people survive before the internet? Online grocery shopping is going to be my new best friend! In fact online shopping for anything and everything is my new best friend. Also emails and cell phones allow you contact with the outside world without ever going outside. How people did this before technology I will never know. I am truly grateful for all of this as I would truly be overwhelmed with having to do everything and also very isolated from friends and family.

But I must state that I am overwhelmingly happy!! OK OK I hear you enough with the overwhelming!! I am sorry I am tired and I have run out of thoughts!!

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