Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mum's Rule

Being a British person living in America I have come to realize that Britain and America are countries divided by a common language. You arrive truly believing that you can speak the language but quickly learn that words have different meanings and spellings. This has become ever more apparent when I became pregnant. Names for baby items became a game. A crib over here is a cot in England. I am use to nappies not diapers, dummies not pacifiers, vests not oneies. Now having a 6 week old baby I am finally getting use to the terms but there is one term I shall truly not adopt and that is Mom. I never will be my son's Mom, I will always be his Mum. Growing up I always wanted to be someone's mummy and although many ideas and plans have been lost by crossing an ocean that is not one that shall be lost. I am and always will be a MUM!!

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Laura said...

for what it is worth I think "mum" is a lot more enchanting and sweet than "mom" =)