Friday, May 23, 2008


Many times I have watched my little one stare into space. A look of concentration and contentment that stays for just few minutes. I wonder in those moments what it is he is thinking. Does he remember the time in the womb? Does he remember the time before the womb, the time with his creator? If he does, does he still feel the presence of God? For these first few months he has no baggage, nothing that has hindered him. He is still an empty slate waiting for it to be written on. It amazes me that this child, this precious gift from God is mine, mine for me to bring up to mold. I can’t wait to watch him change and become this young man. For now I am left wondering what his thoughts are, but a glimpse is coming through as he smiles and takes his first laugh. I am sure that all too soon he will be telling me what he thinks, so for now I will relish the smiles and the giggles.

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