Thursday, May 15, 2008

To Bath or not to Bath?

My delightful child who many times is all sweetness and nice turns into a hysterical beast when it is bath time. One little pinky toe in that bath water and all hell breaks lose in the room. The people downstairs must truly believe we are harming our child, when all we are really doing is placing him in his little infant bath. I choose this bath because it was a great blue color and came with toys but my son is having none of it and the world must know. I think he must believe that water is going to cause him to melt or shrink into a smaller baby.

So bath time has become a dreaded chore that we wish to avoid. But with the diaper explosions and the spit up causing cheese to form in the creases of his neck, so it is something that cannot be avoided. And so I was left with a true puzzle of how to bath an unwilling child. Granted when using the infant bath we really helped him develop his lungs as he screamed and his legs as he propelled himself off the end of the bath to the other and beyond, but I don't think it is enjoyable for anyone concerned. I have been told a little secret, that I was just the same at that age so he takes after his mother. Also to my joy he takes after his mother for the solution. To have a bath with a parent. I run a cool bath and I sit in it and have my son passed to me. The pinky toe hit the water and we braced ourselves but all there was was silence. As he sat on my knee and bobbed in the water held all around by loving arms there was peace. No screaming, no upset. We washed out the cheese from the neck without so much as a small cry. The bath passed almost enjoyably, soon I am sure he will be splashing around with his toys all giggles and smiles. So the nice blue infant bath will sit under his crib and gather dust, maybe we will use it in the future. My infant bath was used as a great place to put your hamster when cleaning the cage (without water of course). Who knows the next child we have may not take after their mother and love it, if not it will await for the small rodent to run and play in it.

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