Sunday, November 28, 2010


We are coming to the end of a long Thanksgiving weekend. I have had a 5 day weekend which the only bad thing about it is that it ends after 5 days. But I have had 5 days with my little guy. We had friends over on the Wednesday so we got play. Well my little guy played with his friends and I got to craft. Thursday was then the big day that I got my Christmas dinner cooked a month early and we had friends over which was great fun. My little guy got to play with his friends which was great fun as us adults got to eat in relative peace as they played. I also got some early shopping done on Thursday with some great deals.
Friday meant a new stage in our lives as the potty training began. To be quite honest my little guy just enjoyed running round and peeing on the floor a little too much. Two days later we have managed to pee in the potty a little but not a lot and most of the time we just pee on the floor. However we have got better as he now tells me he has. Hopefully we can conquer this soon as I am tired of cleaning the floor.

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