Monday, December 3, 2012


I know there was a time before little miss and even a time before my medium guy (he told us that he is no longer little but medium). But it hardly seems real. I have the occasional memory of life before kids, of a freedom to go out when I want, to not have to plan about going out for dinner or even going to the grocery store. There then are also the faint memories of life with just one child, where even then you could pop out to the store without to much worry. But now with a bouncing four year old and an infant life is planned around sleep (or lack of), feedings and diaper changes. It is a challenge of time given to the all demanding infant and the needs if a four year old.

My little miss has been with us for nearly 5 months. She wants to be in on all the action, to watch what her big brother is doing. She can briefly sit by herself until the turn of a head or that sneeze sends her toppling towards the floor. She watches every mouth full of food wanting to try anything and everything whether she should or not. In just 5 months she has placed herself in our family and our hearts to where I can no longer imagine our family without her. Her brother enjoys talking for her and discussing what foods to eat and whether mummy is silly.
In the middle of the night when I am getting up for the 4th time I do long for sleep. But the joy of a second child is that as long as the days and the weeks seem I know that this time will pass.

All I need now is to get 6 hours of sleep in one go and maybe I can feel human again. That is my Christmas wish that my little miss will sleep and sleep well on a regular basis.

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