Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A mission of memories.

I have decided in this Christmas season it is a time for memories. I want to create moments that fuse together into a happy childhood for my children. My son is now getting to an age where he can remember things. With an infant I am aware that I am limited. But I want to create memories and maybe traditions also.

So this year I decided to make cards with my four year old. In the past I have created things that take time and I get upset when they fail or look horrible. So this year I went simple. I bought some foam stickers in a Christmas theme and used some blank cards. We then spent a happy hour sticking stickers and creating pictures with them. On thanksgiving weekend while everyone was out grabbing deals we made salt dough ornaments. My son had a great afternoon painting them and then the next day sticking sparkle on them. I hope that we can try and do this every year.

I have realized that I want to also be intentional when it is not just Christmas. But for that things need to be simple and quick. I have tried trips to the library which is easy, close and free. There are then trips to the zoo. They take more planning but can be great fun. But for those days of little sleep I have found puzzle time a good thing to do. It can be done at any point my little girl naps. The other thing is making cakes. Box cakes are easy and quick. It is time together and if fun to lick the bowl and then eat the cake. All of these things are easy for me to do. They are simple but can be come harder with adding of extra tasks etc as my children go.

Through all of this I have learned that something is better than nothing. Quick is great and simple is wonderful. This is something I can do easily. I just need to be intentional and remember that tv has its place but so does baking cakes, puzzle time. All of these together make a great childhood.

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