Monday, October 1, 2012


I know that every baby is different. I am now getting to also see the differences between mine. My little girl needs a lot more comfort. She wants to be held and know what is going on a lot more that my little man ever did. But in return she gives more smiles and gurgles. She is soon to be three months old and she is figuring out that she can make noises. It is fun to watch her as she makes sounds that startle her, moves her arms and catches her toys.

It has also been amazing to watch the interaction between my two children. She looks for her brother when she hears him talk, she tracks him around the room and grins whenever he comes over. He wants to sit next to her to eat his breakfast. He tells her stories and as he runs around the room he always darts back and cries " I got you" Before long I am sure they will be charging around after each other.

If now is anything to go by my little girl has a great big brother to look up to, who wants to make sure she is OK and is involved in whatever is happening.

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