Monday, September 10, 2012

A family of Four

The lack of posting has been caused by a new addition to the family and the chaos that happens afterwards. My little girl decided that although we had a planned date of July 10th to arrive she was going to choose her own birthday. July 5th was the day that she decided to arrive. As with every other day it started with contractions the difference being they did not go away. I called my doctor who said come into the office and although I wanted for about 30 minutes to see then it took no more than two minutes for them to confirm that yes I was in labour and I needed to get to the hospital. I can now tell you that labour when you have no intention of pushing is horrible.. I may have done 22 hours of unmediated labour with my boy but 6 hours with this little girl was horrible. They tried to delay to make sure that I was far enough away to when I had eaten my breakfast but my body had other ideas. My little girl arrived at 4:02 in the afternoon. She was a small 7lb 11oz and 19 and 1/4 inches long. I was so happy that she was under 8 pounds. 

The last two months have been a whirlwind of no sleep, doctors appointments and family coming to help out. My little girl didn't gain weight well in the beginning and so resulted in appointments for her to have her weight checked a lot. She also had to have formula after every nursing which resulted in one over stuffed, unhappy and generally grumpy baby. I got an infection which meant that I had to see my doctor daily for over a week. The my little girl decided that sleeping more than two hours a night was sill and so spent lots of time waking and shouting about it. I was blessed by the fact that my mum had arrived to take over in everything which meant I could nap and do nothing. Not that after a c-section I was ready to jump around or anything.

As for my little guy well he adores his sister. Brother and sister have spend many an hour talking and staring. Now she smiles back at him and will be entertained for a lot longer by her brother than anyone else. They both seem fascinated by the other and adoration seems to be flowing.

Slowly we are beginning to find a routine and I hope and pray that life beyond my houses four walls will happen soon. Some nights we are getting more sleep.  At 2 months old my daughter has finally become bigger than the size her brother was when he was born. It was very surreal at her 1 month appointment when I realised she was still shorter in length and about a pound less than what her brother was when he was born which mean that she could still fit in me.

So now we are a  family of four. I look forward to having this year with my kids and watching them grow. I do pray for my sleep and a life beyond diapers and washing. Someday I am sure I will be human again.

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