Sunday, March 4, 2012


This pregnancy has been a hard one so far. Tiredness and pain along with fainting and limited activity requests from the doctor I can find myself falling into a blob. But then I look around me and see God's provision in this. This year I have my own classroom that means I am able to set it up with equipment that means I can teach sitting down most of the time. I also have been blessed by some amazing friends who really are my family away from home. God may not have me in my ideal situation but he has placed around me ideal people ready to carry out his will in serving me. People today claim that there are no miracles or angels but they just miss the angels in front of them willing to serve and I am now realising that I need to allow God to work through these people. Sometimes you just have to allow the angels to appear rather than trying to do it all yourself. God does provide, we just sometimes don't let him or those he has asked actually provide.

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