Sunday, May 13, 2012

Eight weeks

Eight weeks, really that is like a long holiday in the sun over the summer really. In one way it feels forever but in another you blink and it is gone. Eight weeks was about how long I was away last summer when we took the little guy to England and then on to Ghana. Eight weeks .......... that is how long it is until a small bundle will appear for the first time, I am sure there will be screaming from her but for me I am sure just that moment of "Oh my I have a girl" will be what sticks with me.  I feel that with only eight weeks left I should be getting organized and figuring out what it is I need to be doing and what I need to be buying. But really I find I am just "Well everything will sort itself out" I have a car seat so I can get her out of the hospital. I have my cloth diapers from last time although in the beginning I am sure that I will be using disposables. I intend to nurse so therefore there is not the need to have millions of bottles although a couple on stand by would be good. I know that I have a pack and play for her to sleep in at the beginning somewhere in the house. So I guess I am kind of ready. Sometimes I wonder if I am in a kind of denial about it all.

I remember so many things about the time when my little guy was little although it was four years ago. I remember those first few days back from the hospital thinking how did anyone ever survive. But I also remember the coming weeks of lets get this show on the road and taking everything as it came and refusing to worry about things. I hope that I can be like that for this little girl. I don't want to worry about feeding and sleep patterns because she doesn't do as the doctors says. I can now cling to the knowledge that her brother never did what the doctor said either and he turned out just fine.  I pray that this transition can be as smooth as possible but I promise I will remember that these things will pass and one day I will watch her dig in the dirt just like I do with her brother.

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