Friday, January 27, 2012

16 weeks and counting....

16 weeks pregnant and I find myself looking back over my life and being amazed. I am nowhere near where I thought I would be. Some dreams have been put down for new ones, others have been placed to the side in the hopes that one day they will be able to be fulfilled.

As I teach my students I look at them when life seems so restricted as you can't do this and can't do that but in many ways it is when you are the most free. Yet the choices they will make in the next few years will define a lot of who they are.

I know my teenage years have defined me but not in stone. For one I would never have dreamed that I would be a teacher or be living in the US. I guess you never can know what God has planned for you.

As I look at my little boy and also begin to feel my baby move I know that I want to teach them that sure you can plan but you should also embrace the curve ball that can be thrown. I just want my kids to know that God will always be in control and will only take one dream away to replace it with an even better one.

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