Friday, July 8, 2011

Gingerbread and bean pods

These last few weeks have been amazing in England. My little man has relished the play time and attention with grandparents and cousins. We have been to beaches, theme parks and also a zoo. We have looked and ridden on trains, buses and cars. What more can a little boy want.

We have spent a day at the zoo looking at animals that we don't have in the zoo near us and riding in the monorail. Going through butterfly houses and bat caves. We have then been to a theme park where we rode on caterpillars and dragons as well as trains and Ferris wheels. We have also got the the train to go down town to see cousins and gone to park and slide down ever slide there is.

Today was a quieter day but it still involved in decorating gingerbread men and than battling Granddad with bean pods. So many memories and so much fun. I know that this will be a summer to remember for me and hopefully him too.

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