Sunday, August 7, 2011

Around the World and back again

We are now back on US soil. Ghana was amazing as my little guy got to meet his other Grandparents for the first time. We visited so many family members it was wonderful as we all got to place faces with names. The weather was not too hot and although I got eaten by the local insects no one else did.

Over the summer I have reflected a lot on about the fact I have now gone back to work. In many ways this summer has made it all worth while as we would have not been able to do it. Six weeks away for me and the little guy with family creating memories is something I am willing to work for. I just need to cling onto this memories as I go through the next year.

I found this summer interesting as I watched my baby turn more and more into a boy. He took all the upheaval well as we switched time zones countries and planes. I however was one of those parents that had the screaming child at landing time. I got the stares and the looks like I was some how going to be able to calm the 3 year old even though I cannot hold them, cuddle. put on a DVD or anything else. But I survived and so did he. My little boy has learned more language and has also become more cuddly. I know that this might not last for ever so I am taking advantage while I can. Soon the summer is coming to an end and life will once again fall into the regular pattern of work, and home. But through it all I want to remember the happy memories, and places of the summer. The time spent with family is priceless. We have done Crazy golf, Zoo's, theme parks, botanical gardens, castles, fish and chips. I have many photos to remind me of it and to remind my little guy anytime he wants a trip down memory lane.

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