Saturday, October 2, 2010

We lost Daddy!

To say that life has been madly busy is probably the understatement of the planet if not the universe. I am now working full time at a high school as a math special education teacher. I have four intensive classes and 1 co-taught class. So far I am OK with what I am doing just feeling completely overwhelmed with everything that needs doing.

My little guy has been going to a friends about 3 days a week. He has been adjusting really well. However for the last two weeks my husband has been away on business leaving me and my guy by ourselves. I can tell you that getting me and a two and a half year old out of the door for 6:15 am every morning is not what I call fun. The first few days went alright but as time when on my little guy notice that there was no daddy. Then the other day after screaming for 30 plus minutes for not being able to watch TV we settled down for dinner. At which point my little guy looked at me and said "We lost daddy." We then spent the next few mintues discussing that daddy was not lost and coming back tomorrow.

Daddy is now home and no longer lost. To me this was just another indicator that my little boy is growing up.

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