Friday, August 6, 2010


I was thinking just yesterday about my life and realised that I have a lot of times where I say "If you had told me x number of years ago that I would be about to do or would have done .............. I would have laughed till I cried." This is I feel just becoming the story of my life. If you had told me on my 18th birthday I would be married at 20 I would have laughed. I would have laughed even harder if you told me that 3 year later I would then move to the west coast of the USA and then 18 months after that move to the east coast. I would most likely have informed you that you where mad and should see a doctor. Now I must confess that I did see the child but not a child in America miles away from family. And then if you had told me 18 months ago that come the summer of 2010 you will be a teacher in math Special education and accepting a job at a high school I would have laughed until I turned purple. But yet here I am having just accepted a job at a high school. I definitely feel that God is leading me on a journey that no one would have predicted for me, my family can confirm that and I am sure any person who knew me when I was younger would agree, but I feel God just likes me to not be comfortable as it makes me lean on him. Throughout his process of looking to God back to work, I feel many times when I door could have so easily closed it was held open by God. I had decided that I wanted to work in a Middle school at the start of the summer and when interviews started coming out that is where they were at. Although others had hoped for High School started getting offers at Middle School I who wanted that Middle School got nothing. I went on interviews but after everyone there was something in me that said "No not that one" each time this happened and then I heard that someone else had got the job I wondered why I was not. Then I got a call for a high just 20 minutes from my house without any need to hit those high traffic roads. I could not really believe that this was happening. As I went for the interview I said they prayer I always say, "if this is right God let it be, if it is not then let there be no offer." All I can say is God was in that interview. The questions came and the answered followed. To say I answered everything right was an understatement. The answers were on point every time. 2 hours later after my interviwers talked with the principal, the came through that I had the job. Looking back on this people could argue that I just had got better as I interviewed at more places but for me I just see it as God closing the doors till I reached the right door. God is my guiding light and even out of my comfort zone he and he alone will give me the skills I need to be successful and glorify him in everything I do. That by no means means that it will be an easy ride as this summer has been tough but it is the right path and with God beside me who can be against me.

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