Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A New Chapter

Our family has now moved onto a new stage as I am now looking for a new job as a teacher of Math Special Education. I am really looking forward to this new thing in our lives. My little boy is having a a great time playing his friends. I think that however we have now realised that we are two. My little guys language is jumping in leaps and bounds as he chats away with me as he can tell me what he ha done with his day. However we also have moments of no communication apart from upset and screaming. Fortunately however these are not to long and we can quickly move on with our lives.
My little guy has also realised that the cat and the rabbit will react to him. Sometimes allowing him to stroke him which I have to say is more the rabbit, that cat however runs away much to my sons delight. The cat just dashes up the stairs and then looks back at him with a follow me if you dare kind of look. It is all fun in this house.

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