Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I put it in the bin

Things have been changing a lot in this house and have in turn been getting madly busy. However me and my little guy have still had time for some fun. My friend came over to watch a movie and we where tidying up before my little guy went to sleep. My friend told him "Put it in the trash." My little ones response was to look a her with a puzzled look of what are you talking about. I turned to him and said "Put it in the bin" with that my little guy ran off and put it in the bin before running back and chanting with delight "I put it in the bin" several times.

We have also some how managed to make the big step of my little guy now sleeping in his big boy bed. It has been a little bit of a see-saw but it appears to be swinging towards the big boy bed. We have now had two full nights in the bed and last night we slept through. The other nights we have woken somewhere between 2-3 and wanted to witch into the other one be it a crib or the bed. I really didn't want to push it as I know that it can be hard, but he has chosen and hopefully he will stay where he is meant to. Currently even when he wakes up he won't get out of his bed he just sits in it shouting "Mum" until you go in and say " Come on"

As for other things I am now out all day and my little one is home with daddy. I love the fact he is getting to spend time with daddy but yesterday as he stood at the door with tears streaming down his face as I left in the morning I found it heart breaking. I just wanted to run and pick him up and never let him go. But alas I had to go and I am hoping it will get easier for both of us.

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