Friday, November 21, 2008


I peaceful time has begun to settle over our household. How is this I hear you cry.... Is he now sleeping through the night? HA.....HA is my reply to that! No but we have now manged to do something else and that is ........(drum roll please).......... we are now able to feed ourselves. We have enough finger control to pick up the little puffs and place them in our mouths and chew. Since they dissolve I (mummy) no longer panic about him chocking. This activity can entertain my little chap for hours. OK, OK, hours may be a little over the top but it can keep him busy for a good few minutes while I run round cooking dinner or something else just as thrilling!!

I have also started to make my own baby food. I have made acorn squash which I have discovered I love to eat, so I am not sure at mealtimes when that is on the menu for him who eats more, me or him. And also I have made sweet potato. On the sweet potato I miss judged how much one potato can make and so I think my boy will look like a sweet potato by the time that he has finished it all. I have not quite decided what food to do next I am thinking maybe peas and then we will start on something sweet. The decisions I have to make. I am sure you all can't wait for the next exciting installment.......... What will it be peas, apples or maybe even peaches!!

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