Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've got that feeling.........

Have you ever had those moments where life hits you. It can be something as simple as there is a slight nip in the air as you get out of your car on evening to do the grocery shopping and there is something about it that makes you feel like Christmas is coming and winter is upon you. All of a sudden you wonder where did the year go? I found myself pondering that thought the other day on they way to Safeway. It was by no means freezing and has even got warmer again in the last few days but there was just something about that evening that made me think winter and Christmas.

Also we are currently in the process of buying a home. I am finally planting a few roots in this country. With housing the way it is we have been blessed to buy a house that a couple of years ago would have truly been put of our reach. But though it all I have had that overwhelming feeling of " Oh my word!!! I am a grown up!!!" OK I know the kid should have given it away but to me house buying is like one of those life stages where you are all grown up and no ones little girl any more. Granted it is several years since I was any one's little girl. I feel that most likely ended the day I jumped on a plane and headed for San Fransisco, but with all the moving and adjusting, life has carried on. It is really only within the last few months I have thought "I am all grown up" I have a son, yes a son! A small living, breathing baby that needs me for everything and I am soon going to enter a new box in those statistics of home owner rather than renter. That is two new boxes, one for a child too!! I feel that is quite enough for 2008.

But though all of it I find myself at a place I am enjoying! I will soon have a true place to call home with a family of me, my husband and my son. Life has truly blessed me and a pray that this feeling of happiness continues and it keeps getting better and better.

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