Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forgiveness, Sleeplessness and Freedom

Strange title I know but it sums up the three things that have been happening. So I had guess that I had better explain and where better to start than at the beginning.

Forgiveness........ 7 months ago in the eyes of my cat I did something truly awful....... I gave birth! My four legged baby got removed from her throne by a screaming two legged baby. Granted my little cat or maybe not so little cat has been through a lot with me. We got her just two weeks after we moved to America and she helped me focus on something other than I am alone and miles away from family. She is a rather weedy cat to say the least and it took me a while to convince her that I was ok after we adopted her. I think that she was always destined to be a cat scared of her own shadow but not having the best start in life meant she was scared of that and more. But we developed a great bond. She was my cat and I was her person. That was until 7 months ago when I gave birth. From that moment on she would not share the bed with my whether my little boy was with me or not and no longer did she sort me out for cuddles or companionship. If she was dethroned then so I. But in the last couple of weeks my four legged baby has decided that maybe forgiveness is the best way to go and so at last we can enjoy cuddles in bed even when my little guy is there and long discussions about how we are going to but the world to right in the evening. Peace has been restored and we are now both happy. As she was never dethroned, just another one was added (maybe higher than hers but don't tell her that).

Sleeplessness has reared its ugly head again in this house as my little man has decided that sleeping through the night is no longer an option and we must wake at least twice if not three times a night just to make sure that mummy is there and convince the world that starvation has occured.

Freedom, I know this may seem odd when one is suffering from a lack of sleep but my amazing little guy can now sit all by himself. He will happliy sit at my feet while I type this sucking on his tag book and throwing his theether across the room. No more getting upset because he is stuck looking at the ceiling. At times he has been known to eat carpet as he starts to head dive for the floor but things can quickly be righted and happiness restored. And so for me this means that I can get things done without having to entertain him quite as much. This truly is a blessing and maybe I can start getting my apartment to not look like a bomb landed in the middle of it. Who knows what could happen now as a whole new world has opened up!! Well at least for a little while until movement starts and then I am sure it will close down again as I run after him. But for now I will put my feet up and eat my jacket potatoes and sip my tea whilst he plays happily on the floor.

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