Sunday, October 19, 2008

Da Da Da.........

My little peanut decided tonight to be the night of adding new sounds to his already growing quantity of noises and that was da da da! I am quite sure he has no idea of the meaning but both me and my husband stood over the changing tables going "da da da, ma ma ma" and my little one would giggle and let out another round of noises many sounding like "da da da"

Mean while I have been considering the small possibility of doing baby modeling with my little cutie, however upon reading up on this I have decided that I just don't live in the right down and don't want to spend many miles traveling to every place under the sun, so unless something finds its way into our lives in a local location I am afraid that my little one will only be smiling for my camera but I have decided that I am totally fine with that.

Currently the two of us have been out and about all over the place as we are looking to buy a house. We are grateful that we are ok at the moment and can take advantage of the lower house prices. I know many people can't and I truly thank God for his blessings. I can't wait to paint my little guys room and I tempted to head towards Winnie the pooh but since everything is winnie the pooh maybe now is the time to give the poor child a break. The question is what do we go to next? I will have to have a think about that and let you know!

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