Saturday, December 6, 2008

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

My little guy is suffering from teeth issues. Basically they are trying very hard to appear but yet those gum's are just not allowing them to poke through. Being out of the box it is the top ones that are arriving first and believe me in this house hold all we want for Christmas is his two front teeth. The delights of baby Orajel have been used much to my little guys horror. He cry's every time you apply it but quickly settles down after it is on.

I can't believe that Christmas is fast approaching already. I have yet to put up the tree but still there are a few flakes of snow in the air every now and again which makes that Holiday feeling creep all the more closer. Thanksgiving for us was a small afair due to the fact it is just a Christmas dinner a month early as far as I am concerned. It really has no meaning to me since I am lacking the American sentiment. However it is something I think as my boy gets bigger we will do more of.

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