Monday, August 18, 2008

Swaddle Me, Swaddle Me Not

The last week has been jam pack for me and my little one. My husband took off a couple of days from work and allowed us to have some great family time.

We started out the time with a trip to IKEA of all places as my little boy has too many toys already!! We also managed a trip to the county fair. We looked at every kind of farm animal including ponies of course. We even stared at some decorated toilets which were strange but fun. I looked at the bunnies and wish I could take one home but alas apartment living means no for now. I currently organize a Momtourage group at our church which had our meeting this week which was great fun as we picked the brains of two moms who have been there and done that. The off out in the evening followed the next day by a trip to a cousins graduation.

Having run around all over the place we are now trying to recover but through it all a small milestone was reached by the boy. We no longer need to be swaddled, we can sleep the night through with arms and legs free. He is truly growing up so fast.

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Laura said...

we went to the county fair too! those toilets were strange, but my kids love the animals =)

(we're moving to PA this saturday, btw. did i tell you that?)