Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's me and you verses the world kid!!

OK the 4 month mark has been and gone. It was marked with a bout of sickness which was "pleasant" for all concerned. But it did mean that those horrible shots were postponed for a couple of weeks. And of course the moment we left the doctors office my sweet little darling was fine.

There has been no sleep or the wicked or the good over the last few days due to the fact the crib has had to have been taken apart. The safety recall does affect mine and so all hardware is no winging its way back to the producer to hopefully quickly send a voucher for a new one. However this lead to a couple of days of my precious little one sleeping back in my room. He slept find I however was kept awake by the repeated banging of his legs on the bottom of the pack and play for 20 minutes or more. He was fast asleep while he did it. It is say to say that once that crib was fully removed the pack and play was quickly placed in his bedroom.

However for this week it is me and my boy verses the world as my husband is off for a business trip and I am left home alone with the baby. Single mums I salute you as a week is quite long enough for me. I am counting down the days until I have someone at home to keep me sane. I am keeping myself busy off to friends and out to things at the library, but it is just not the same as having someone at home waiting.

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