Friday, March 8, 2013


My little girl has turned a point and now wakes less at night. This in turn has allowed me more energy and a little extra brain power. With that I have been able to do activities with my son.

I as a parent am very hard on myself. I always believe I should do better. More activities with my son, a cleaner house, better home cooked meals, less tv and a fitter mother. I constantly compare and contrast. I am sure all of us do. But I need to realize that to be a mother means to enjoy my kids. My son and daughter font gain anything as I beat myself up over the fact this mother only allows 1 hour if tv a day, another mother grinds her own flour and somewhere out there there is that mother with the perfect house. They need me to focus on us. To make sure they are happy. To make sure that when I can we do stuff play dates and coloring time, story time and play dough time. But also it is ok if they watch tv as I regain my sanity. I need to be selfless for my kids but I also need to look after myself.

As my little girl naps and my son plays games on his tablet (he is an angry birds king) I will drink my coffee and take a moment to find a grain of sanity.

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