Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mother's Day

Today is British Mother's Day. Being in America I send my mummy flowers for this Mother's day and in May she gets a card for the USA Mother's Day. I don't really celebrate the British one because I feel that is too much to ask for my husband to remember two dates especially since the British one changes dates. Maybe when my kids are older I can get them to do something.

For now Mother's Day is a time to reflect. To hope that I remain to have the great relationship with my children that I have with my mum. As I watch my children grow I marvel as they mature adapt and turn into some amazing people.

My son asks daddy if he can buy me flowers. Currently my daughter is acutely aware of my absence. Which although at times drives me mad I also try to remember that this is an amazing bond and this stage will not last forever. One day they will be independent and go by themselves. Slowly they need you for less and less as they dress themselves, eat for themselves and in the end live by themselves. I pray though that my kids will always remember I will be there to support them.

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