Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Red, Blue and Yellow

My little guy has discovered that bath time is a great time. When I think back to the days of a toe hitting th water and the screams that would then come it amazes me now that he is asking for a bubble bath. How you may ask? It is called water colour changing tablets. We now bathe in blue, red,or yellow water. Sometimes green, purple or orange too. I got these things as a little stocking filler just for fun along with a colour changing wash puff. Both have been a huge it and have meant that bathing is no longer a nightmare. My only slight concern is now whether my child turns blue but as of yet we haven't so I am not panicking too much. I think I also may have to replace this tablet once they run out and make sure that the rainbow of colours keeps following. It is almost like a skittle advert but instead of tasting the rainbow we bathe in the rainbow.

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