Saturday, January 8, 2011


Me and my little guy made cookies today. It was a first. I have to say I really enjoyed it. We received a jar of all the dry ingredients for Christmas from a friend. My little guy helped to mix all the ingredients and then we added the marg etc. He then helped mix all those together. I decided to create the balls for the cookies but my little guy did squish them. We made oatmeal ones. Normally my guy doesn't like them but he was very happy to eat them once we had made them together. I am going to try and make more food with him as I hope it will encourage him to eat more.

I was watching Ice Age today when there was a scene just after the mammoth saves the tiger about herds and how they stick together and then the sloth says well we are the weirds looking herd I have ever seen. It stuck in my mind that herds are in many ways a family and families can be very strange looking. They are not always created by blood but by friendship and history, common interests and of course love. Family often really includes friends that are so close the only thing you don't have is blood in common. I am grateful for my family and also for my friends which have become my family especially over here in the USA. As our blood relations are not here but our friends our. I am so happy that my little guy will grow up knowing these wonderful people.

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