Friday, December 24, 2010

Where is Christmas?

For about a month now my little boy has every now and again been asking "Where is Christmas?" It all started because we went to a store to purchase a little people Nativity scene which we love to discover a veggie trains train. This little boy hung onto that train all the way around the store. It was on sale and so I decided that he could have it as one of his Christmas presents. So I told him he would have to wait for Christmas. When we got home his first look was for his train which I told home no you must wait for Christmas. And so we had the conversation of "Where is Christmas?" "Well Christmas is a day where we celebrate Jesus' birth and give gifts!" "oh" he then went and looked for Christmas all over the house. Since that point at the mention of Christmas my boy has looked for him around the house. Tomorrow we will meet Christmas and I cannot wait to watch as my little boy begins to understand that Christmas is an event. We are not really going to do Santa in our household. He will be talked about but the main focus will be the birth of Jesus and why that is so important.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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