Thursday, May 6, 2010

When did that happen?

Although many of my friends in the US say that I have a British accent anyone back in the UK would say well I guess it might still be there but it is hiding a little. So when did it happen that I became American or has it not happened yet. In someways I have had to adapt to the new culture I am in. There is no use me asking for a petrol station as all I seem to get is blank stares, so gas is what I now put in my car. And since I had my child in the US he is in diapers rather than nappies and sleep in a crib rather than a cot. But also I have noticed that my way of living has become more like the American. I drive everywhere, granted there are several times during the year that walking would just not work as either it is to cold or to hot and humid, but still why don't I walk on the days I can. The other thing I realised the other day was that I am always using my drier. Now I know that this is a very useful thing to have as, as I stated before drying outside in the cold or humid air doesn't not really help clothes dry, turn them into frozen shirts or even damper jeans depending on the weather yes. But again on those nice days when it is warm with a slight breeze why oh why am I using the drier. I used to love curling up in bed on fresh sheets, the ones that had flapped about outside. I am thinking I might just find that British person who seems to be berried somewhere and get a washing line. I guess also I am starting to view myself as I once viewed Americans as energy, petrol guzzling people without a care. Now before all my friends shot me down I do know this to be different. But still when am I using an item like a drier and a car because it is there or because I need to?

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