Saturday, October 19, 2013

The working mum.

I hate the phrase working mum. For one I don't know a mother who does not work. When I work outside the home it is someone's job to look after my children. I pay them to wipe there noses, feed them, change their diaper and pick them up. So if I am at home I am working too. I also dislike the phrase working mother because often it gives the impression that I don't see my kids and I am inactive in their lives due to working outside of the home. 
So many assumptions are made towards parents often focused at the mother. The worst culprits are often mothers. We think things like "well if that was my child I would ...... ( fill in the blank). As parents we judge other parents because in our mind what they are doing is crazy. Now we could be right in a sense if I decided to do something with the type of person that I am and the situation I am in, of no family near by it probably is. But those parents aren't me. We parents have some strong opinions on how we raise our children to even how many everyone should have. I have two children at one point I wasn't sure if I would have more. People where horrified that I would not have at least two. Being an only child I was a little offended. I can say the thought of having more than two gives me the shakes. So when others say they want more my first thought is 'You're mad!!' But that is because I place myself as having more. But when I often step back at look at them as they are it makes sense. 
I am a mother who works away from home. I try hard to balance time at work with me time, kid time, hubby time, family time, and running house. I believe that this is the right thing for my family. I have thought about the pluses, the minuses and the not sure. I have prayed about it and felt this was the path to go. At the end of the day as a mum I want what is best for my children. Everyday is filled with questions and I have to give an answer. There is always a hot topic as your kids grow it starts from the moment they exist. Cry it out or not? Organic? Stay at home? Daycare? Nanny? Home school? Public school? And so it goes on. For all those big things I pray we got it right for us. I know something will be wrong so I pray to God knowing he is bigger than all of this and can make it right.
I pray most of all that my children know I love them. That they remember the fun times. I pray the grow up to be people with compassion, love, kindness and forgiveness in their hearts. That they will be successful however it turns out. 

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