Sunday, November 6, 2011

Working Mother's Guilt

As a working mother I am in a constant battle with time. I am sure all mothers are as I know before I worked there was always a lack of time and I can now say that as someone who works full time for 10 months of a year time becomes even more of a battle. There is time to work, time to clean, cook, grocery shop and then there is your time to spend with your husband and child. Then if you want to see friends or family outside of everything that is another thing to add on. I know that I need to schedule my little better as this school year things have been tough as my family are the ones that have suffered. As a mother I think that the guilt at times can be a good thing as it has made me look over what I have been doing in my life. But this guilt can be a bad thing when it dominates your life stopping your from doing anything. So I need to look at my time and set boundaries and I need to be realistic. Planning on 4 hours of playtime with my son every day will in turn just set me up for failure. But a 30 minute block of activity before dinner of play with my son is a do able thing. December we start swim lessons but this month what about painting and crafts or imaginary play. Then I can say that one weekend day is a no work day. Once a month we aim to go out to something be it a local event or a friends house but something that is not normal. I need to restore my life and balance. God has been present which I believe is why I am able to see this guilt for what it is. God is blessing me daily as I survive this school year. But where he will take me by the end of it I don't know. Currently I don't even know if I will be teaching next school year but whatever it is I know that God has plan and as long as I listen to him our family will be fine!

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